Ice Cream

MADO's Ice Cream epitomizes a 300 year MaraĹź region Ice Cream making heritage. MADO's Ice Cream is made with pure goat milk and uses Salep in stead of gelatin that is normally used in the more common ice creams, which ensures that MADO Ice Cream is 100% Halal product. The milk is obtained from goats that are fed with a special diet of organically grown thyme, milk vetch, and orchid flowers in order to remove any goat smell in the milk. The salep is obtained from MADO's own farms which is grown on the high plateaus on the hillsides of Ahirdagi (Ahir Mountains). MADO Ice creams are also flavored through a completely natural processes using actual fruits rather than artificial flavoring.

Sliced Ice Cream

MADO's sliced Ice Cream is the only Ice Cream that is eaten using a fork and knife. It does not melt easily. You'll feel the dense milk ice cream slowly melting in your mouth. Its taste is a testimony to the master craftsmen working to create this unique MADO Ice Cream.

Scooped Ice Cream

Each scoop of MADO Ice Cream, whether eaten on its own or on top of something else, leaves a lasting taste of its rich taste that sticks in your mind, and you would always want to come for more.

Ice Cream Cakes

MADO Ice Cream cakes captures the unique MADO Ice Cream taste into a full size cake form, for the special occasion for your loved ones.